Welcome to the 2 Poker Players blog!

I've started this blog to serve a number of purposes:

  • Announcements about new products, updates, and other tid-bits of information will be kept here. Additional notification of serious bugs or updates will take place as appropriate (i.e. via email announcements, if you have chosen to accept those).
  • To discuss recent gambling developments, especially those that focus on poker, video poker, or black jack.
  • As a resource for various advanced gambling topics, especially those that focus on video poker or black jack. These often, though not always, approach a subject from a mathematical stand point..
If you see any content that you find interesting, or have any questions, please post a comment! Please note that because of spam concerns, all comments must be approved by the moderator before being posted.
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One thought on “Welcome to the 2 Poker Players blog!

  1. I was extremely pleased to find this online poker blog. Thanks for your time creating this thorough post on the topic. I've saved your site and will be looking at your posts to come, thanks!

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